Our Confectionary Courses and Chocolate Courses are Already Available

Our autumn - winter courses are already available, and now with huge discount!
Which one would you like to join?
- making macarons without artificial ingredients
- making artisan ice-cream without artificial ingredients
- artisan chocolate bars
- artisan chocolates and truffles
- decorated cakes (the technique of decorating with fondant and marzipan)
- decorating cakes with the latest innovative techniques 

Still you haven't found your dream course? Suggest us a new topic and we will make it come true.
What we offer: tiny groups, our professional team and a great atmosphere of course!

You can't visit us? - What about an onsite training course, workshop, an artisan birthday, etc. at your company or at your home? You can order some of our courses. 

Would you like us to make a team building training? - We offer programs for small companies as well.

Have you got children? - You can visit our courses with them or your children can try our chocolate bar making courses organized for kids. Or what about our birthday parties for children where they can create their own chocolate bars? Sounds yummy, doesn't it?

Come and visit one of our courses, parties and programs. All of them are available in English, German and Hungarian as well.